I’m definitely not someone who would ever shamelessly promote products or services; however rocks (pardon the lingo).

If you enjoy pie charts, bar graphs and any other fun color-coded visuals as a means of keeping track of your financial transactions (bank account, credit cards, debt etc) then this is the place to do it. Create monthly budgets, plan for retirement, invest.. all in one easy click.

I enjoyed my ‘liberated’ version of Microsoft Money but this is free, you can access it anywhere, it’s secure and you don’t have to worry about the associated bugs.

While viewing your total net-worth might be a little demoralizing; I would recommend this debt calculator (Snowball & Avalanche options included) to ease the pain. You might have to tinker with a few bugs but it isn’t too challenging.

Get to it asap & start saving for retirement because with our current national debt, lack of social security & how quickly inflation is progressing you won’t have many options in your old age if you don’t.


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