Odani Motohiko Sculptures

Odani Motohiko art gallery show

Odani Motohiko

on view at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo through Feb 2011. Motohiko’s works are powerful and fluid, often having a sense of organic beginings.

Motohiko’s recent works evoke a futuristic and sterile, almost completely white, look at organic objects. The recent pieces on display in Tokyo are nothing less than amazing and are sure to increase his growing international esteem. Take a look below for yourself.

Odani Motohiko: “I can really relate to Boccioni’s assertion that modern sculpture was a ‘dead art’, and his concern with regenerating it. Although in my case we’re talking about taking a fresh look at the history of sculpture in Japan. I’m not sure if calling it slow to evolve is quite the right phrase, but I do sense a lack of historical continuity and attempts at comparison. I’d like to head somewhere different to that, in the shortest possible distance.”

odani sclupture

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Odani Motohiko

Earlier Motohiko works showcase a white exterior and overt skeletal references. One of his past works, New Born, uses biomimicry to wrap long strands of serpent like spines into a sculpture that hovers just off the ground. New Born is shown below[image].

odani tokyo art

Additional images and Artist Info – Odani website:

motohiko odani tokyo artist

Viper 2007

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motohiko japanese art sculpture in tokyo

amazing sculpture from japan by odani

Berenice, 2003 by Odani Motohiko

Many of Odani Motohikos works deal with a mixture of technology and human biology.

the begining by japanese artist

The begining by Motohiko

sculpture from japan flowers

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