High Fructose


Yes, Science. 😀 Just saying.

The Chemical/Bio-molecular Engineer sitting next to me could go into many other reasons why this is bad (highly condensed sugar, molecular link to obesity, toxin etc) but it contributes to digestive problems, liver disease, metabolic syndromes (diabetes etc) and gout.

A sugar, is a sugar, is a sugar; however this one is really bad.

Poorer people generally go for the cheaper options which is exactly why there’s a direct correlation between poverty and obesity. From personal experience: if you drop it from your diet you’ll be a lot better off. Every time I accidentally ingest HFC I feel sick.

I’m poor but the food I do eat is natural, I only use extra virgin olive oil (the molecular structure breaks down more easily so your body processes it more efficiently), I avoid HFC, get the nutrition I need & feel very satiated every time I eat.

Making time for exercise of course, is always important. The more weight you have on your body the more gravity is going to wreak havoc on your joints, so start running. (Here’s a good place to start)


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