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Get Yo’ Nails Did

by Molly McAleer

Newsprint nails are all the rage right now, so why not just be a bunch of trendhounds and conform, right?!

To be perfectly honest, I don’t love this style because I think it’s a little hard and the only people who do it really well seem to have the hour and a half of time and patience it takes to do it correctly. What I did here is not the absolute best version of this (I think this tutorial is pretty impressive), but I’ll still break it down for ya.


newspaper1 600x450 Get Yo Nails Did

Start by getting your supplies together. All you need is ten pieces of newspaper cut into manageable strips, some rubbing alcohol (it costs like, a dollar and is probably already in your medicine cabinet), a shot glass, a nail polish of your choice (I used Birthday Babe by OPI), and a top coat.

The newspaper should be real newspaper with soy ink. You know how some newspapers come on nicer paper these days? That’s not gonna work. Just grab a copy of The Post or something.


newsprint2 600x450 Get Yo Nails DidPaint your nails and wait for them to dry. This is one of the reasons this whole process is kind of annoying. You need to wait until the nail is dry all the way through, which can take about 15 minutes depending on how many coats you used.


newsprint3 337x450 Get Yo Nails Did

Pour a little bit of rubbing alcohol into your shot glass. If you don’t have a shot glass, good for you. You can use any cup or container that’s small, but you want there to be enough liquid in there for you to fully submerge your nail in the alcohol.

One nail at a time, dip your finger in the alcohol for about a second and a half and then immediately apply a piece of newspaper.


newsprint4 600x450 Get Yo Nails Did

I always think this part looks dumb and that’s also why I’m not a fan of this process. I’m always like, “Great job sticking a piece of newspaper to your alcohol-soaked finger, Molly.”

I’m really hard on myself. You might not take it there when you’re doing this, but if you feel dumb during this part, know that we’re probably soul sisters.

Wait 30 seconds and then peel the newspaper off your nail. You should have a reverse print on your nail of whatever the piece of paper you laid on top of it said. It’s just like Silly Putty.

Repeat this process on all of your nails and then wait another five minutes or so for the printing to dry. Then you put on your top coat, which really helps the letters stand out.


newsprint5 600x450 Get Yo Nails DidI got smart this time and used the *SPOILER ALERT* crossword puzzle solution on my thumb. I’m always unimpressed with the way standard writing looks on my nails, but I am actually kinda into the way my thumb looks here.

This style is basically the bane of my existence because I can’t seem to get it right, but I bet this is just another example of practice making perfect. If you really love this style, keep trying it out. I mean, I wouldn’t suggest you put Malcolm Gladwell time into this or anything, but it’s your life.


Molly McAleer (A.K.A. Molls) is a writer, Tingling Internet Sensation, co-founder of HelloGiggles and a boss bitch. She lives in Los Angeles with her chihuahua, Wagandstuff, and keeps her nails fresh at all times. You can see more of her work here.
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