Epic driftwood: Monster tree washes ashore


Epic driftwood: Monster tree washes ashore

Flooding, high tides and blasting winds worked together to land a massive drift log taller than a single-story house.

Sat, Nov 19 2011 at 11:24 PM EST

I think it was fitting that this photo was first posted on the Our Amazing Planet blog (via Reddit).
Check out the size of that thing!
We have driftwood where I live in Portland, Maine, but nothing like what washes ashore near Washington state’s Olympic National Park, where this photo was taken. The tree most likely fell into a river after flooding and floated out to sea. High tides and strong wind then pushed it back on shore.
It should be noted that the woman standing in front of the tree is six feet tall.
Like trees? Visit the world’s 10 oldest trees (including one that is almost 5000 years old).

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