When East Meets West


what happens when east meets west?

On a good day, you have received an impressive cross-posted e-mail and you really want to share with your friends. These graphics are striking for me as they show how well the designer observes, analayses  and re-present through her eyes.  Some of you may have already seen it, but it is nice to take another look.

These are icons designed by Liu Yang, a Chinese born but educated in her teen through adult life in Germany.  Her work shows how East meets West.  Her work fits so well with globalization of culture, peoeple and places.

See whether you agree with her.

Blue means the West

Read means the East/ Asian/Chinese

(The Image corresponds to the word/phrase below it)

The boss



eldery in day to day life

way of life

three meals a day

moods and weather

things that are new



perception of each other


handling of problem


queue in waiting

in the restaurant

shower timing



what’s trendy

Perhaps, it is quite a generalization but it is more or less the way of the West and the East. The two parts of the world are learning from each other while the division into two parts is too crude anyway. My favourite is ‘perception of each other’. Here, the West is learning to dreass, drink and eat Asian way, but the East is fond of  modern look, sausage and beer.

What is your favourite?

How do you interpret these graphics?

Liu Yang’s exhibition

Liu Yang was born in 1979 in Beijing, China. She moved to Germany in  1990 and lives there since. She established Yang Liu Design institute in Berlin in 2004.


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