Healthy Relationship Tips


Healthy Relationship Tips

Here are a few healthy relationship tips that I learned through my own experiences. They work well for me, hopefully they will work well for you. This is a fun and useful topic, if you have any ideas of your own please do submit them through the contact page and I will add the best ones to this page or possibly start another page dedicated to tips and tricks. So here we go!

Have enough self respect to never be used, abused or mistreated. Leave any relationship immediately and never look back if this is happening.

Start everyday fresh. If at all possible deal with problems in the day in which they occur, once dealt with, let it go. Keeping score is bad news. Try not to let the sun set on your anger or issues.

Space. Everybody needs their space, have interests outside of each other. Firstly this gives you space, secondly it give you fresh material to talk about. If you are together all the time, pretty soon you are going to run out of new conversation.

Maintain old activities. Keep doing what made you fall in love. Avoid complacency. If you liked going out, don’t stop when you get comfortable with somebody.

Lighten up. Don’t be to serious about everything, have some fun, enjoy life, people will enjoy your company more.

Communicate. Most important, learn to speak your mind, but do learn to do it in a considerate, empathetic way. Don’t bottle things up, this is a recipe for disaster.

Be Kind. Pretty basic.

Say you are sorry. It’s amazing the power an authentic apology carries. It’s not that hard once you get use to it!

Turn the TV off. Best thing on the TV is the off button.

Get away together as often as possible. Getting away from routine daily life can be great for a relationship.

Take trips away individually. Give the other person the gift of missing you, it’s a fantastic gift. It’s good to miss each other from time to time, brings back a sense of appreciation.

No jealousy, ever. Jealousy is completely toxic to a relationship. If you can’t trust, your with the wrong person or just not ready for a relationship. Jealousy is bad, bad, bad.

Compliments. Everyone one loves a compliment, be generous with them so long as you are sincere.

Surprise. Throw a surprise into the equation from time to time. It keeps it lively and interesting.

Lastly, maintain your individuality. Try to avoid losing your own identity. Too often in a relationship we forget ourselves and start to take on the identity of the other person, this is a mistake really.


So there you go, some of my top healthy relationship tips. Good luck and I hope they are helpful.

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