Oh, So You Really Think The Female Body Works Like That?


Oh, So You Really Think The Female Body Works Like That?

The Hawkeye Initiative takes one basic premise, that you can fix every “Strong Female Character” pose in comics by replacing that character with Hawkeye doing the same pose, and applies it to actual comic book panels and covers. If you don’t read comics, you might better remember Hawkeye as the archer from a little-known movie called “The Avengers” (although he usually looks more like this).

Scroll down for some of my favorite examples of Hawkeye getting his “female empowerment” on … comic book style.

ORIGINALS: By The Hawkeye Initiative. The first image on this list was created by artist Blue, who swapped Hawkeye and Black Widow. Blue then teamed up with webcomic creator Noelle Stevenson to challenge other artists to submit their own Hawkeye-ified illustrations. The drawing of Hawkeye as Emma Frost was drawn by curseofthefanartlords, the drawing of Hawkeye as Black Canary was drawn by foundbysara, Hawkeye as Mary Jane was drawn by exittt, and Hawkeye as Star Sapphire was drawn by thecolourfulway.

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