Australian Mom Brings Baby Back to Life After 2hrs of Loving Embrace


Australian Mom Brings Baby Back to Life After 2hrs of Loving Embrace

By on August 26, 2010 in Life & World

Pictured above is Kate Ogg, her husband David and her lifeless baby son who was born premature at 27 weeks (~6.5 months) weighing 2lbs back in March 2010 in Sydney.

Ogg’s son was born along-side twin sister Emily, but after 20 mins of struggling, doctors were unable to get the little boy breathing successfully and declared him dead.

Doctors delivered the news to Kate and her husband and offered for them to embrace the baby while they say their goodbyes. What began as a tearful embrace of despair turned surreal when Kate unwrapped the baby from the blanket and held it against her chest; caressing and speaking to her son.

What happened next stopped everyone in their tracks; baby boy Jamie started to breathe, opened his eyes and grabbed his mom’s finger.

The most incredible part of this story, the part that makes you think maybe we don’t understand all we need to understand about this world, the next or… biology… is that Kate had been embracing Jamie’s lifeless body for 2 hours.

Let that sink in… they didn’t try and revive the baby for 20 mins, give up, hand the baby to Kate and then Jamie came around 5 mins later. They handed Kate Ogg her dead baby boy and she held him for 2 hrs before he came back to life.

I’m sure there is a away to explain away this event with science and some form of primal hibernation, etc. etc. but in my book that was a miracle. A baby had a heart beat for 6.5 months inside of it’s mother, it is born, dies, has no heart beat for 2 hrs, then comes back to life.

Kate went on TV a bit after with Jaime and says her attributes the miracle to the skin-on-skin care (aka “kangaroo care” technique) she gave to Jaime in the hospital; something that is apparently on the rise in British hospitals.

I love that the world, as much as we think we understand, never stops delivering amazing events like this to remind us that we really don’t understand that much, maybe even it’s that we don’t understand the ultimate stuff that matters.

It is incredible/infuriating/amazing/whatever that if you walked around the Roman Empire around 0 AD, and someone asked you “Ohhh you are from the future! What happens when you die?” and your answer is basically still the same it was back then: I don’t know.

I guess this all falls into the category of “Stuff we weren’t meant to know” for whatever reason. Gives me all the more motivation to extract love and appreciation out of the little things I do understand instead.

Big thanks goes out to Regina Ross for sending this story in as well as DailyMail for the feel-good scoop!

Update #1: Jim provided a link to the MSNBC video covering the story and some clarification that the baby had some “reactionary” movements that doctors dismissed as reflexes after being held for 5 mins or so and wasn’t lifeless the entire 2hrs; just finally came around after 2hrs of holding.


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