Dran- Modern Surrealism



Source: Draw As A Maniac


Based in Toulouse, Dran is a multi-talented artist who uses a variety of media such as installations, paintings and drawings to convey his ironic viewpoint. After developing his skills as part of Toulouse’s renowned graffiti scene. He is also a fan of the absurd and has published a number of books featuring his funny sketches parodying everyday events with great doses of surrealism.

Check him at retroactif.free.fr/dran

Enjoy The Gallery

4155430492_0f3926cfc4_b-500x616 4155429886_9ddd0ebcd8_b-500x479 4155436006_6c7ae69194_b-500x572 4154674455_e62f334ae3_b-500x558 4154672815_581eb84047_b-500x397 4155431548_848ba67f0c_b-500x643 4155431912_ee00220e0c_b-500x381 4155432370_286638847b_b-500x378 4155432528_f60fb742ec_b-500x333 4155436520_554c8cdc81_b-500x608 4155435250_aff0fc1d04_b 4155434418_ed340e696a_b-500x595 4155433890_553ccd998c_b-499x610 4155433230_1dbdb881dd_b-500x354 4155432644_01f6d66e3d_o-500x507 4155437336_90931473c4_b-500x507 4155437852_1b0e5af5fc_b-500x630 4154667473_4962a3e125_b-500x619 4154671757_d2b61469c1_b-500x488 4154674111_21dbca887e_b-500x604


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